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Shenyang No.2 High School
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We offer a Sino-Canadian high school program that enables our Chinese and expatriate students to purse their post-secondary eduction at a western university after completing the required courses. 

Accredited courses meet Canadian universities and colleges entrance requirements

Dual Diploma:

Chinese diploma & Nova Scotia High School diploma

Dual diploma program enables students, who are writing the Chinese National Exam, and fulfil the Nova Scotia High School Diploma requirements.


Unique study environment enable students to be trained on the best of Chinese and Western world. Prepared students on both paths no matter which one they choose.

International Curriculum

All courses are taught in English by certified Canadian teachers. Enhanced students’ opportunities in future study.


Certified and fully accredited by Province of Nova Scotia to meet the grade 10 to 12 requirements. 

Student Life
Boost Your future by Learning in a international high school

Why Choose Us?

Your future success is defined by education you received. As the word economy becomes global. Studying in east meets west high school enhance your future opportunities and choices.

Best Leaders

East meets West learning environment enhance your learning experince.

Learn at home and ready for future

Study and learn at your home town and ready yourself for oversea study.

Professional Certification

Accredited and certified by Chinese and Nova Scotia.

Our Achievements

Reconciliation & Awards

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